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Sensual Tantric Yoni Massage Manila Makati

A bright new year promises new exciting experiences for the good women of Manila. I'm speaking of course, of the incredibly relaxing new Tantric massage for women services now available in Manila. Many women in Manila agree that after getting through the stresses of life, the best way to start a new day is with a relaxing massage that feeds the soul as well as the body. Yoni massage Manila wide is lifting the spirits of many women that feel they need some "me time".

A great new way of uplifting your spirits and enriching your life both spiritually and physically, is to fully immerse yourself in the most elevating sensation that has taken Manila by storm, the Yoni massage. Throw the doors open and embrace a new way to feel good about yourself.

Yoni massage for women Manila wide provides women with the perfect solution to make them feel ready to take on the year ahead with a new lease of life. Thanks to Tantric massage for women this is now possible. Embrace life with all your heart and never let things get on top of you. Never let others guide you the way they think you should live your life. Be your own person. Allow yourself to do the things that make you feel good, after all life is short and wasted if not lived to the full. You owe it to yourself to try everything before it's too late. We often regret the things we haven't done, not the things we have done.

A happy soul shows itself in many ways, not least in our appearance, but also in our behavior towards others but also towards ourselves. When you feel good about yourself it shows. You appear more confident and significantly more youthful. Be good to yourself, love yourself, and more importantly pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and represents the goddess Shakti. In Tantra, this area is seen as the sacred space of a woman and the origin of life. Thus, it is treated with love and admiration. The purpose of yoni massage isn’t only to achieve a whole body orgasm, but also to experience a deepened state of sexual liberalism, bringing strong emotions to the fore, allowing the orgasm to be stronger and last longer. Some sex therapists sometimes use yoni massage as an aid for women to breakthrough and overcome sexual blocks.

We have taken the most beautiful, interesting, polite, charming and emotionally mature male and female therapists and trained them in the art of Tantric Yoni massage. This service has long been available for many celebrities and VIP's living and visiting in Manila. Now you can indulge yourself in the ultimate opulent experience of being a member of this fashionably elite club.

We cater to the very discerning, selective women who expect the best and embrace life with all its healthy distractions. For many years men have enjoyed the company of women, and have never been shy of paying for it. Now women are empowered with the confidence and grace to take control and do the same.

Curious To Find Out About Tantra And Tantric Massage?

What springs to mind when you hear the word Tantra? Old hippie couples, the Kama Sutra, or perhaps sex that lasts for days and days, whatever your imagination sums up, have you ever been curious to find out more about the benefits of Tantra and Tantric massage? The following article gives a great introduction to the principles of Tantra and how these principles are incorporated in to Tantric Massage which can benefit men, women and couples alike.

Tantra seems to caught up in an air of mystery or a secret sex cult. Tantra is enshrouded by the sexual aspect of it; however the broader approaches of breath work, meditation, movement and ritual are a much larger part of it. Perhaps if we replace the word Zen with Tantra it helps to demystify it somewhat. Zen is defined as an approach, a way of seeing the world, a meditate state of mind - that enlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition. Tantra is about expansion, and connection with the universe, a way of achieving unity, and ultimately about our perception of reality. Tantric massage aims to use various techniques, deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercises to help drop you into 'reality' to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy. There are seven main principles within Tantra which Tantric massage aim to incorporate. These principles are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention, and Acceptance

Surrendering to pleasure, releasing control with confidence that you are acting out the wishes of the Devine/universal. It is by letting go we allow our views to be stretched, so that decisions based on habitual responses such as fear maybe changed, allowing growth. Surrender is also concerned with self appreciation, how incredible we truly are on all levels, rather than seeing surrender as a negative of renouncing something, it can allow new perspective.

Awareness and surrender go hand in hand; awareness allows us to awaken to every instant, being present in each moment to experience the vividness it has to offer. To develop inner trust to let go, knowing we are aware of the consequence of our actions
Awareness of each movement allows elegance and ease, as movement in the body also moves the energy. Preventing energy escaping maintains a balance between rest and activities which are vital. Tantra see's rest as a way of storing energy and by moving you spread your energy around the whole body. It is not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level that movement and rest are vital, and the flow of movement across our whole being one important step in Tantric Massage.

When was the last time you were aware of your breathing? Breathing is one of the ways that we can nourish ourselves and take in that delicious universal energy; it is a fantastic way of connecting to what is happening within our own bodies, but also a great way of connecting with partners and allows us to go deeper. Each exhale surrender, each inhale awareness.

Vocalizing how we feel, and what we really want to say is tricky in modern society as such people suppress and inhibit themselves. Tantric massage seeks to allow a person to express how they are feeling vocally or verbally, in truth and without judgment.

Clarity of mind arises from surrendered consciousness to shift energy, renewed by breathing and triggered by sounding, uncovering the ecstasy in each moment. Intuition or innate knowing lets our true nature takes hold, the splendor inside begins to spill outside.

Acceptance says yes to all things. There is a freedom from disciple, seeing that all acts are divine, to let go of right or wrong, good or bad without criticism. You can use the keys for every aspect of life such as work, sex, health, love, communication. Tantra supports us in living a liberated, satisfied, and brilliant life and tantric massage fuses these elements together in a sublime and heartfelt way

The Benefits Of Tantric Massages

The Benefits Of Tantric Massages

A lot of people travel often for business. Business persons who travel may think that relaxation aside from sleeping is not possible from one's hotel room. Such thoughts are actually proved to be wrong! Receiving a massage is the best way to achieve just that. From the comfort of one's hotel room, you may be able to receive a massage allowing you to leave all the worries of your business problems and stresses behind. There are outcall massage services that one can take advantage of. Before going to bed straight after a business meeting, why not spend an hour or two redeeming a tantric massage within the comforts of your own hotel room. Such a massage will leave you feeling with a renewed sense of sensual energy not only for your body but also for your mind and spirit.

Tantric massage services are popular in any city. This kind of massage is a type of therapy that combines traditional massages of both the East and the West. Generally the purpose is to clear out the blockage of emotions and energy found within your body. The goal is to reawaken and channel your sensual energy.

There are a lot of health benefits one may receive from experiencing an outcall massage. Tantric massage in particular allows the client to experience a state of enabling peaceful energy to enter the body. As an effect, it reduces all stress, negative emotions and feelings prior to the massage session. It also sends the mind into hibernation mode allowing one to focus on the emotions of wellness while being massaged. Overall, a tantric massage will optimize your body's stamina and energy levels, leading to you being a more astute and successful business person.

Just because a tantric massage is sensual it does not mean that it is purely sexual. The truth is, sexual energy can be converted into other forms of positive energy within your body. So if you're on a short business trip, whether for critical business dealings or not, be assured that you can relieve all stress built up due to taxing business dealings. A tantric massage also allows you to make more positive and efficient decisions. If you have a few hours to spare before that crucial meeting, it might be your best option to receive a tantric massage.
An amazing massage will ease all the discomforts of jetlag and replace it with a feeling of relaxation. Tantric massages also balance the levels of high blood pressure as well as aid in detoxifying wastes from your body. It also increases circulation, in that oxygen and nutrients will have an easier flow while at the same time releasing a good amount of endorphins responsible for making one feel good and positive.

Sensual Massage That Will Give You a Relief From Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress

Sensual Massage That Will Give You a Relief From Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress

If you are looking for an effective way to de-stress, Tantric massage is one of the best things to opt in this regard. A deep sense of relaxation can be achieved using this treatment within short span of time.

Whether you are a corporate person or an athlete, almost everyone nowadays bears the pressure of performing well, handling the overflow of work, managing hectic schedules and so on. This kind of stressed life not only reduce your potential of working effectively but also make you become depressed and irritated with life. As a result, you live without any motto, happiness or excitement. Such situations can be avoided by a treatment that can make you energetic by releasing your entire stress.

From disturbed personal relationships to certain health disorders, solution for physical, mental or emotional problems is hidden in the Tantric massage. This powerful technique to make a person completely recharged and invigorated. It comprises of scented oils, soft music, candles, feathers and the touch of gorgeous masseuses through your naked body. No barred zones are involved in this treatment so that the recipient can achieve the harmony with his/her senses completely.

Through various breathing exercises proper channeling of the sexual energy takes place in your body which is mandatory to release all kinds of stress. You will enjoy the entire session of about 90 minutes that could even include lingam and yoni massage if you need. Arousal of senses due to the soft and sensual touch of our masseuses is normal during this treatment. You can tell your expectations and needs from the Tantric Massage London. They will provide you a customized service for the satisfactory results.

Both men and women can take advantage of Tantric Massage Session. You will enter into the most relaxed state and achieve the highest degree of focus and concentration. You will learn various useful breathing techniques during the sessions that can keep you calm in most pressurized situations also. People who suffer from high blood pressure problem leading to chest pain, strokes etc can be resolved by this method effectively.

Couples who are facing disturbances in their personal relationships can make use of UK Massage Services. You can experience the most intense and personal feel along with your partner that will cherish for the lifetime by both of you. Better understanding, more interest and love will be created when energies blend will take place between both of you. With the consistent use of this technique, you can improve your anger, anxiety, high blood pressure and confidence level.

Moreover, body rejuvenation can be done with this treatment. The toxins and old outworn pattern from your body can be removed effectively. For your convenience, you can also get On couch Massage from them. If meditation is not helping you in achieving the spiritual progression, then try Tantric massage. It will definitely help you to a larger extent.

The Wonders of Sensual Massage Therapy

erotic sensual tantric sex massage marikina pasay pasig manila

A therapeutic massage itself is often a sensual experience. It's an experience in which you share together with the massage therapist and very few other things that you carry out in life can be more intimate. The movement of the massage therapist is in tune with your body when he or she works to have you feeling good and provide you with the healing just a wonderful massage can provide. If you consider a massage is intense, wait until you feel a sensual massage.

Within a normal massage, skin to skin contact is a common occurrence but with a sensual massage the contact isn't limited to your skin. It is an experience where all the senses are enhanced and excited to the level of absolute pleasure.

The key reason why a sensual massage is called a sensual massage is because it provides an experience that is targeted on all of the senses. All 5 senses have to be portion of the experience. Otherwise, there's nothing sensual regarding this.

One of the main senses that reap the benefits of a sensual massage will be the sense of smell. The sense of smell is truly one of the strongest senses within our body. It comes with a direct connection to our human brain, and so the signals are quickly transported to the brain. Additionally, the sense of smell is likewise the sense having the longest memory. Therefore the scent continues to be with you after the massage is over.

The scents you make use of is important because this is the bass not of the entire sensual massage. It's going to be a great foundation where it'll hold all the things together. The strength of scents can best be utilized through essential oils and also scented candles. Specific oils have certain benefits just like the recovery effects of tea tree oils or the harmonizing as well as sensual scents of roses and jasmine.

Not like the sense of smell, the sense of sight will not be heightened but just the opposite, it's inhibited. In our normal everyday living, we rely on our sense of sight a lot. It can be very debilitating to hold down the sense of vision yet suppressing it can assist improve the rest of the senses. This is the reason a sensual massage is conducted in a candle lit place. It simply will let you concentrate and rely upon all the remaining senses.

What Really Is An Erotic Massage?

the best erotic massage in manila, makati, pasay, pasig, mandaluyong, masrikina

Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history. Erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal. Erotic massages typically feature massages in the erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal.

Erotic massage may be utilized as a sex therapy, that is, as a means of stimulating the libido or increasing the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulus. In some cases, erotic massage can be a form of foreplay without sexual gratification, intended to heighten the sensitivity of an individual prior to another engagement where sexual arousal and fulfillment is intended. In other cases, erotic massage may be used professionally to help men address issues of premature ejaculation. Methods employed may teach the recipient to relax the musculature of his pelvis and thus prolong arousal and increase pleasure.

In the Western medical tradition, genital massage of a woman to orgasm by a physician or midwife was a standard treatment for female hysteria, an ailment considered common and chronic in women.

Happy Ending Massage

For Information Only:

A 'happy ending' is sometimes offered as an addition to any other type of massage. The legality of this type of massage varies by jurisdiction. Happy endings can be offered to both male and female clients, though males are the more typical customer.

happy ending tantric erotic sensual massage

Tip-offs that the massage might include a happy ending is wording for services that seems a little off, like all-body massage, body shampoo, thigh massage, or oriental touch. Asian massage has a long and proud tradition, but it has also sometimes become a code word for happy endings.

Yoga For Sexual Health & Pleasure

Yoga For Sexual Health & Pleasure

Yoga has many benefits but you never hear Yoga teachers talking about the sexual ones, specifically the practice of Tantric Yoga. The practice connects you more deeply to your body, and your partner, resulting in more ecstatic pleasure.

Yogic practice benefits your sex life:

  • Decreases stress, which increases your ability to have orgasms
  • Increases flexibility, so that you can get into positions that hit different pleasure zones
  • Increases lung capacity so that you can get more oxygen into your blood stream, which feeds cells responsible for arousal and helps your stamina
  • Builds strength, which is great when you need to hold that positions that is sending your partner to the orgasmic cosmos
  • Yoga can enhance your libido and increase your sensual awareness
  • Practicing Yoga together can help you develop better communication and compassion

Yoga poses and exercises provide myriad of benefits and improve physical, mental and emotional health of a person, there are certain poses which are boon for improving health and performance of reproductive organs for better sex life. People suffer with poor physical and mental health which reflects in their sexual behavior, men and women have been designed by nature to enjoy each other's physical intimacy. If this intimacy is denied for long time the unutilized energy becomes disruptive and causes serious harm to physical and emotional state of a human being. In order to avoid such condition one can improve all round health by performing certain poses and exercises described in Yoga for better sex life.

Women more commonly become victim of low libido, different phases of their life can be debilitating which can take away their desire and drive for sex. There are few easy to perform Yoga poses which rejuvenate female genital organs and reestablish their normal functioning to elevate sexual capacities and desire in a woman. Bound angle pose described in Yoga for better sex life rushes blood towards female genitalia and also improves strength in core muscles of hip region, this pose help in oxygenating and energizing core muscles, cells and tissues of genital region.

Tree pose described in Yoga works for better sex life by promoting mindfulness. It is a balancing pose which allow performer to focus on one thing, alongside it also improves blood flow in pelvic region for healthier reproductive system. Cobra pose multiplies energy of feelings coming straight from your heart, love is a feeling which generates from heart, and this pose improves sexual intimacy and works for wiping negative and depressing thoughts out of your mind. Cat-Cow stretch establishes stronger bond between your mind and genital region so that your mind can control all the organs of this area in better way. This pose improves your control over Kegel muscles, elevate sensation and control over orgasm. There are many other poses in Yoga for better sex life which can keep your libido high, genital organs nourished and mental health sound to spice-up your love-life.

Men generally do not suffer with low libido unless they face any sexual disorder which causes embarrassment or reduce their pleasure. There are few Yoga poses for men that allow them to lead a better sex life and cure sexual disorders which creep-up at any stage of life. Forward seated bend is excellent for rejuvenating spine area, promoting blood flow in pelvic region, curing impotence and for providing better control over sexual activity.

All members' pose is magical pose which improves circulation of blood, improves digestion and rejuvenates all male reproductive organs; it also improves a male's erection quality and endurance level. Performing Plow pose after Cobra pose can give extraordinary sexual power to males; these poses in succession improve sexual energy, relax muscles of the body and promote blood flow towards brain to suppress anxiety and depression. All these poses in Yoga for better sex life need regularity and discipline to show their magical effects, one should master them in presence of an expert and later perform anywhere at his or her convenience.

Twin Full Body Massage

Twin Full Body Massage

Twin Full Body Massage is a synchronized massage done simultaneously by two highly trained, professional massage therapists. The therapists each take one side of your body, one on the right and one on the left or one on the upper part and one on the lower part of the body.

They massage at the same time using any of the beautiful massages that we offer. You can make a selection of our Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination or Deep Tissue massages. You achieve all the relaxing and energizing effect of a massage with "double the fun"!

In other countries twin massage is the name for 2 people getting a massage together. For example, a couple is getting a massage performed by two different massage therapists, done at the same time but separately. Here in the Philippines, twin massage is done when you are getting a massage from two massage therapists. It is also called four hands massage. People of bigger stature prefer this type of massage as they have larger built and firmer muscles.

Relax… Revitalize… Rejuvenate…

Relax… Revitalize… Rejuvenate…

Be pampered and satisfy your mind and body… Relax, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate!

Enjoy quality spa massage in the comfort of your home or hotel. No need to bother with traffic, parking hassles and travel time. Relax right at home after the spa massage session... we’ll bring the spa to you and we are always on time with our home and hotel massage service.

We use different type of spa and massage oils such as lemon grass, green tea and eucalyptus to enhance the massage soothing pleasure.

Nice and Naughty 24 Hours Home and Hotel Massage Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. we are always ready to provide you with variety of therapeutic massages to give your body a relaxed, sensual and pleasurable massage experience right at the comfort of your home or hotel.

Deep Tissue Body Massage

Deep Tissue Body Massage

Deep Tissue Body Massage uses many techniques and sequences of the traditional massage but focuses into the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Traditional massage is used initially and once muscles are relaxed, slower strokes or friction is used across the grain of the muscle into the tissues that join your body parts together. It targets to release the lingering patterns of tension in the body through the slow strokes and the deep finger pressure on the affected areas.

Cellulite Body Massage

Cellulite Body Massage

Cellulite Body Massage breaks up the cellulite, which is the hardened fat deposit under the skin. Cellulite gives the skin a dimpled look and is something women avoid to have. Ninety percent of women are afflicted by cellulite. It's an affliction that has been around over the past 40 years. Basically, there are three common causes of cellulite – modern diet, sedentary lifestyle and fashion (shoes, undergarments). Cellulite is normally found at the back, arms and mostly at the back of legs. These lumpy deposits are trapped by the skin’s natural connective tissue. The reason that fat is trapped under our skin is due to bad blood circulation and lymph flow, and there may also be hypo-stasis in the small blood vessels walls in the affected areas.  Cellulite massage breaks up the fat near the skin by stretching the basic connective tissue and the lymphatic system flushes it away.

The Best Home and Hotel Massage Service in Metro Manila...

The Best Home and Hotel Massage Service in Metro Manila...

Nice and Naughty 24 Hours Home & Hotel Massage Service is the most reliable home spa and massage service in Makati, Quezon City, Pasig and in the whole Metro Manila. Our massage therapists are skilled to provide you with variety of relaxing, rejuvenating, therapeutic and healing massage with very satisfying pleasure.

Our home and hotel massage service includes but not limited to
  • Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Combi Massage
  • Sport Massage
  • Deep Tissue / Cellulite Massage
  • Twin Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Back and Body Massage
  • Foot Reflex / Foot Massage
  • Body Scrub / Exfoliation

The Best Home and Hotel Massage Service in Metro Manila...

Call Us and Book for a Relaxing Massage and Rejuvenate...

Call Us and Book for a Relaxing Massage and Rejuvenate...

Nice and Naughty 24 Hours Home and Hotel Massage Service provides quality spa massage services such as Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Cellulite, Deep Tissue, Sports, Ventosa, Body Scrub, Foot Spa, Foot Reflex, Hand Spa and many more at very affordable rates right in the comfort and convenience of your home or hotel.

Our home and hotel massage service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us and book for a relaxing massage at +63 906 406 6330

Reward Yourself and be Pampered Today...

Reward Yourself and be Pampered Today...

Our services are highly recommended to both international and local customers who prefer finer things in life. Abandon all boredom and relax in hands of our beautiful masseuse after a hectic day.

Reward yourself and be pampered today. Our masseuses offer a wide range of massage services, ranging from a basic foot massage to more erotic sensual massage.

Aside from our regular massage service, we also offer Fire & Ice and Fantasy Massage.

Reward Yourself and be Pampered Today... Call us to get more info.

Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage is likely the most common massage sometimes referred to as ‘traditional massage’ or "full body massage". Long smooth gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and circular movements are used on superficial layers of muscle using massage oil or lotion. The lotion or oil ensures smooth, continuous hand movement of the massage therapist and a very relaxing aromatherapy experience for you.

Only The Best Massage Therapists At Your Service...

extra service lingam tantric erotic sensual massage

We have highly trained and skilled massage therapists waiting for you.

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer the best home and hotel massage service in Makati, Quezon City, Ortigas, Pasig, San Juan, Greenhills, New Manila, Pasay, Bicutan, Taguig, Bonifacio Global City and in the whole Metro Manila.

Call us at +63 906 406 6330 - The best massage therapists at your service are waiting for you.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Yoga Massage

Tantric massage or Tantra massage will make you feel as if  you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

Your abdomen, thighs, feet, toes, chest, nipples and fingers are then gently massaged using warm aromatic oil. No part of your body will escape the masseur's attention. Your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body's sensitivity gradually increases. According to Tantric ideals, your entire body will be massaged, including particularly sensitive areas. These "sensitive areas" are explained in elaborate detail and explicit diagrams under "Lingam" or "Yoni" massage.

Perceptions of sensuality and lust are located here, but these "intimate areas" are an important source of joy and fulfillment in life. You will feel relaxed, yet wide awake. You will be coached to breathe properly, as you sink into yet deeper level of relaxation. During this extraordinarily loving ceremony you will be completely nurtured and pampered in the arms of your goddess, providing you with a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being. This incomparable sensation has been described by some as if they were "walking on clouds".

Aromatheraphy Massage

Aromatheraphy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is typically a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage where the massage oil has been combined with essential oil such as eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or geranium to affect your mood or alleviate the pain. Oil can be selected from relaxing, energizing, balancing, stress-reducing and many others. Aromatherapy massage is at its best when the massage therapist uses high quality, therapeutic essential oil blended to address your precise need. A relaxing aromatherapy massage, for example, can have lavender or bergamot, whereas for aching muscles she can use peppermint and eucalyptus. Essential oil can also be poured on the wax of the melted candle for that aromatic effect or you can use an essence burner. This can be done using the Swedish technique using the long, smooth gliding strokes, kneading, tapping and circular motions. It would be nice if massage oil and burner oil are of the same scent. For added relaxation effect, you might wish to play some relaxing and soothing music. Some of our clients who have difficulty sleeping prefer this type of massage.

Shiatsu Full Body Massage

Shiatsu Full Body Massage

Shiatsu Full Body Massage is a type of Japanese bodywork that uses finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence. It is a form of acupressure that’s been practiced in Japan for over 100 years now. It uses acupressure methods, which is applied with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees. Shiatsu acupressure originated from acupuncture therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Though the main difference is that acupuncture uses very thin needles, however in acupressure the therapist uses deep tissue pressure on the twelve body meridians.

Swedish and Shiatsu Combination

Swedish and Shiatsu Combination

As the name suggests this is a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massages. Some people prefer this for practical reasons. They want Swedish on the lower part of their body, with the oil or lotion for the long, smooth gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and circular movement then Shiatsu with the dry acupressure on the upper part. Apart from the practical reason that they don’t favor oil on the upper part of the body when they fall asleep or when they put on their clothes to go to another appointment, some have special preference for this type of massage for their own personal reasons. Parts of the body to do Swedish or Shiatsu may vary from client to client. Relaxing and soothing effect is great just the same as Swedish and Shiatsu Combination massages. This type of massage is preferred during the day by those who would want to take advantage of their lunch break to do a bit of relaxation before going back to their respective offices or a great combination after physical activity for those who prefer relaxation while enjoying muscle stretching.

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